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What’s Wrong With How We Vote?

Listen to Andrew Coyne’s humorous explanation of how our current voting system fails to deliver even the basics of what we think our democracy should look like. His punch line?

In sum, the present system allows the minority to rule over the majority, it gives some voters many times the voting power of others, it denies many voters the right to vote for the party of their choice, and wastes the vote of many others. Oh, and it almost killed the country a couple of times besides. Other than that, it’s a pretty good system.

Andrew Coyne, 2016

If a party’s candidates only win 40% of the vote, they shouldn’t win all the power – 40% of the vote should mean 40% of the seats.  You should never have to hold your nose and not vote for your preferred candidate, just because you’re worried about someone else you like less getting in.  And no matter where you live in BC, you shouldn’t be shut out of government, the way the Interior is now.  It’s time for your vote to really count, to make politicians more accountable to you.  It’s time for a proportional voting system that will make sure all voices are included in government.

We’re Going to Court!

In the wake of Trudeau abandoning his promise to make 2015 the last election under first-past-the-post, Fair Voting BC has launched a Charter Challenge arguing that our current voting system violates our Charter right to effective representation. Click the blue button below to learn more about the challenge and to offer your support.

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Why Voting Reform?

Because Our Current Voting System Is Deeply Flawed: Because Effective Representation is Our Right Because British Columbians Are Ready for Change Polls over the past twenty years have shown that voters in BC and Canada are well and truly ready to move forward with adopting a proportional voting system (the green slices in the pie … Continue reading Why Voting Reform?

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Three Systems for BC

The three voting systems that were proposed for use in BC in the 2018 referendum were:  Dual Member, Mixed Member, and Rural Urban Proportional. Guarantees: All three would have ensured the following: Seats in the legislature would closely reflect how voters vote in each region of BC Voters would be able to vote for individual … Continue reading Three Systems for BC

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Federal Reform

The Canadian government ran a review process in 2016 with the originally-stated goal of recommending by December a new voting system for Canada.

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