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Referendum in 2018: The recently-elected NDP government in BC plans to hold a referendum on replacing “our outdated voting system with a proportional one” (and to campaign in favour of the reform). The Green Party has joined them in a confidence and supply agreement that commits both parties to consult with British Columbians and campaign in support of updating our voting system. Check out our links below for more information about voting system possibilities for BC.

Referendum Campaign Partnerships: Fair Voting BC is currently working with other electoral reform organizations such as Fair Vote Canada to campaign in this upcoming referendum. Please click the yellow button above to sign up on our mailing list and be notified about campaign updates.

Charter Challenge: Fair Voting BC has also launched a Charter Challenge arguing that our current voting system violates our Charter right to effective representation. Please click the blue button below to learn more about the challenge and to offer your support.

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Why Voting Reform

The Need to End Discrimination Fundamentally, voting reform is needed to end discrimination and disenfranchisement of half the voters.

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Fair Ways BC Could Vote

Most developed countries use some form of Proportional Representation (PR) voting. The most frequently discussed in Canada are STV (Single Transferable Vote) and MMP (Mixed Member Proportional), but there are other possibilities as well.

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Federal Reform

The Canadian government ran a review process last year with the originally-stated goal of recommending by December a new voting system for Canada.

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