Charter Challenge

Fair Voting BC is proud to be partnering with Springtide (Nova Scotia) in challenging the constitutionality of our current First Past the Post voting system on the grounds that it denies representation to half the voters and results in discriminatory treatment of a variety of groups, including women, visible minorities, younger people, and people who hold local minority political views.

Over the past couple of years, over 900 Canadians have contributed to help us retain a lawyer (the very talented Nicolas Rouleau, who has argued and won cases in the Supreme Court), assemble a set of affidavits from four prominent academic experts, and conduct a series of novel analyses to demonstrate how consistently our current voting systems denies voters the representation we believe that they are entitled to.

We have also been privileged to work with Byron Weber Becker (University of Waterloo), who is an election modelling expert. You can check out his analyses here.

You can learn much more about the Charter Challenge at the challenge website, and can sign up there to get regular updates about the case. And if you can donate to support this work, please click the button below (any contribution above $25 in a year qualifies as a charitable donation for which you’ll get a tax receipt):