A Vision for Better Democracy

In our vision, all British Columbians will have the representation in the legislature they choose, politicians will be accountable and responsive to their constituents and parties will treat one another with respect. Significant policy changes will emerge from serious, deliberative processes designed to ensure that the public is meaningfully engaged. It is essential that the interests and concerns of those affected by policy changes are heard and accommodated as much as possible.

Making such significant and important changes is no easy task, but there are several key steps we can work on:

  1. Seeking a new voting system that takes each voter seriously, ensuring that the MLAs elected are more directly accountable to the voters who supported them and that the makeup of the legislature accurately reflects how we cast our votes.
  2. Empowering our MLAs so that they can hold the government to account rather than toeing the party line.
  3. Changing how the legislature conducts its business so that widespread public engagement becomes the norm for policy development rather than policies formulated and announced by the premier without even consulting cabinet, let alone the caucus, the opposition or the public.
  4. Updating BC’s ground-breaking Citizen Initiative (referendum) process so that voters can directly and effectively hold the government to account if it is unresponsive to voters’ concerns.

Fair Voting BC invites all British Columbians to join us in seeking these crucial democratic reforms.