“Trying to shape the world using FPTP is like trying to change a tire using a curling iron”

We strongly suggest you read Ottawa Citizen columnist Kate Heartfield’s wonderful article entitled “Our voting system makes no sense” in which she says it all.  Among her numerous memorable comments are the following:

  • “The system twists our intentions, sending MPs to Parliament even if most of their constituents voted against them.”
  • “I will vote for purely symbolic reasons.”
  • “in every riding, there are voters who trudge quixotically to the polls knowing their votes will not make a difference.”
  • “All the self-righteous public service messaging urging us to “have our say” or “make our voices heard” refuses to acknowledge this crazy incentive structure”
  • “”Shape your world.” Sure. Trying to shape the world using a first-past-the-post ballot is a little like trying to change a tire using a curling iron.”
  • Criticizing UK Prime Minister Cameron’s claim that the Alternative Vote under consideration there “means not all votes count equally. Well, if he can tell me how a vote for the NDP counts for as much in Nepean-Carleton as in Ottawa Centre, I’ll shut up about electoral reform.”
  • “Our system reflects the diversity of Canadians geographically, but not ideologically. And that’s just stupid, because what I want from my government has a lot more to do with my ideology than my postal code.”
  • “I keep doing it [arguing for electoral reform], because voting feels a lot like banging my head against a wall too, and it shouldn’t.”