Take Action

Our Strategy

To achieve change, Fair Voting BC is following a multi-pronged strategy – we keep current on new reports and studies related to democratic practices around the world, we build relationships with politicians and non-governmental organizations alike to keep conversations about democracy on the front-burner, we issue press releases and write op-ed columns, we host public seminars and all-candidates meetings, we fundraise for significant events like the recent Quebec court challenge, and, most importantly of all, we invite our fellow citizens and voters to join us in working for an improved democracy in BC.  Below are some ideas about steps you can take to work with us:


Read as much as you can about democratic reform (follow some of the links in our sidebar for starters).


Locate supporters in your local area. It is easy to organize a small get together with friends and neighbours. You can meet in a local coffee shop or at home. It’s fun to do and contributes to meaningful change in our politics.

Let us know you’re interested because we can help – fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch shortly.

Tasks Needing Volunteers

There’s always far more that could be done than the team here at Fair Voting BC have time to do.  If you have talents and/or drive to help us, please let us know.  Among many other possibilities, we could benefit hugely from people with the following skills or interests:

  • Graphic artist to help us update our graphics and logos and to design flyers and other publicity materials
  • Newsletter editor – someone with good writing skills to write regular updates for our members
  • “Word Warrior” coordinator – someone interested in sifting through the news to identify opportunities for our members to respond by writing to the editors of various newspapers and periodicals
  • Local area contact persons – friendly folks who are interested in building personal connections with local democratic reform supporters (helps if you like hosting parties or BBQs!)
  • Researchers – people who like digging deep and writing ‘white papers’ to get us all thinking

Are you interested in something we haven’t mentioned?  Please suggest it using the form above – we look forward to hearing from you.